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★★★ Warren Buffett Tracker ★★★ The Ultimate Fan App !
Your news source to follow Warren Buffett.

The Man, the Myth, the Oracle of Omaha, the Legendary Investor… Warren Buffett is one of the most successful investors of all times, he accounts for the most profitable and consistent portfolio performance ever seen in investment history.

Version 5.0 Features:
★ Latest News: Feed with all his news tracked from top financial sites.
★ Video: All his latest video Appearances.
★ Video: Best Interviews & Docs
★ Buffett’s Portfolio: The complete (and updated) list of all his current stock holdings.
★ Warren Buffett’s Quotes
★ Berkshire Hathaway news section
★ Books: The ultimate “Must-Read” Book List for fans and collectors.
★ Photos: Stream with Photos posted by fans.
★ Wiki, Facebook, Twitter and Email Sharing
…. and much more….

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